Wholistic Wellness in Workplace, in TDC ( Aug 2019 )


'How to Enhance Productivity with Healthy Living Style' workshop in the Trade and Development Council ( Aug 2019 )


Special Event hosted for our Wellness Ambassadors and special friends ( Aug 2019 )


Prof Shum's teaching in BP ( Aug 2019 )

Our Business Advisor , Cary Tu's teachin

Cary's teaching on 'At your Best Position' 2019

Our Business Advisor, Cary Tu's teaching in Blueprint 2019

21 October 2017

With Mr Matthew Cheung, Chief Secretary for Administration in Government House

With Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Executive

In 2017 Honours and Awards Presentation Ceremony

In Government House on 21 Oct 2017

Awarding Chief Executive's Commendation on Community Service 2017

National Day Reception 1 Oct 2017

With Steve Chan ( left ) and Keith Wong ( right )

Theme on Relaxation

Wellness in Leadership Talk in City U 2017

Self Empowerment Series

Workshop on Writing Love Letter to Ourselves

NLPRAI Conf in Shanghai Sept 2016

NLPRAI Shanghai Conference 2016

Training in Polytechnic University

Team Building Workshop for Poly University Alumni Association

In SUCCESS, Trade and Industry Dept

Talk on How to set up Wellness Corner for SMEs in the Trade and Industry Department

Overseas Exchanges and Collaboration

Presentation in NLPRAI Shanghai Expo 2016

Public Event Nov 2016

neohub Opening Ceremony 2016

Wealth Management

New Year Gathering 2016 on Wealth Creation

Training on Energies Healing

Feldenkrais and Cranio-Sacral Training

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating with Music Appreciation

APCIA 1st Award Event in  July 2016

Event on Brand Building with APCIA

BMSP Expo in Apr 2015

BMSP Expo in HKU 2015

My Birthday Party 2014

Private Party with Music Appreciation

Visiting Qian Hai with TID

Visit Qian Hai with Trade and Industry Department 2016

Communication Awareness

Communication with Image Building with Annette Wong

Our 15th Anniversary Products

Wellsky's 15th Anniversary Lipstick Production

Wellsky Anniversary Lipsticks

200 pieces of Neroli and Rose Lipsticks sold out in two days upon the first launch

In Greenwoods

Interviewing Dr Simon Chau in Greenwoods on his 「我復悠然30周年」

Wellsky's Philosophy

Life is a process of joy and love, take time to enjoy ~

At Shanghai Indigo Hotel

With my international friends, colleague and NLPRAI members in Shanghai 2016

Music Coaching for Exams

Music Coaching Session with Elim

Largest team ever in NLPRAI Conf.

NLPRAI Shanghai Conference with all the International Guest Speakers

Our Coaching Services

Life is about Empowering ourselves with lights ~


BMSP Expo in HKU 2016

With the DSE Students

Training on Create the Circle of Excellence for Yourself

Card Reading on our 2017 Goals

Wellsky New Year Gathering 2017

My first presentation in Japan

NLPRAI Conf. in Hiroshima, Japan 2014

Access Bars Training with Tze Ying

Feeling thankful for having my teacher, colleague, good friends and family to join our class ~

National Day Reception 2017

National Day Reception 2017

68th Anniversary of People's Republic of China Establishment@ Wan Chai Convention Centre

Rock Climbing in 2016

Rock Climbing in 2016

Personal Transformation is about keeping continuous awareness to move into new horizons ~

WE love Creativity

WE love Creativity

Brand Building Event with APCIA 2017

Presentation in Netherland 2009

Presentation in Netherland 2009

Speaking with a team of male coaches on Coaching with Cultural Elements ~

Teaching organised by Dr Jinhee Park

Teaching organised by Dr Jinhee Park

Conducting training for a group of Professors in Chonnam National University 2008

Dare to make your life different

Dare to make your life different

Life is a Difference with a Theme ~

My healing journey starts ~

My healing journey starts ~

International Advanced Studies in Health Conf. in Salt Lake City 2001

Those were the days

Those were the days

With Edna on my right , the Chief Coordinator of the IASH Conf. in Salt Lake City 2001

Friendship keeps us continue

Friendship keeps us continue

NLPRAI Internal Conference in Berlin 2013

With lots of fond memories.

With lots of fond memories.

NLPRAI Conference in Hiroshima, Japan 2012

Bring Green Concepts for Corporates

Bring Green Concepts for Corporates

NLPRAI Conf. in Shanghai 2016

I love Travel a lot.

I love Travel a lot.

All goes around comes around.

Dare to be different

Dare to be different

An exquisite Dinner Event in Pacific Club

Visit Qian Hai with TID

Visit Qian Hai with TID

Visit with CLG members, Trade and Industry Department

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'How to Enhance Productivity with Healthy Living Style' workshop in the Trade and Development Council ( Aug 2019 )