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Bringing Wellness into Corporates, if not now, when ?


With the application of NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) and Mindfulness, this series of programs is specially designed to enhance participants’ self awareness on how our minds create reality, with an objective to enhance their wellbeing in wholistic way for greater happiness and health.


With mindfulness and esthetic practices, we strive to bring participants with exercises for keeping positive states, achieving effective communication and for better self care and self compassion.  This is considered top priority nowadays in the challenging world for leaders. 


Workshop 1    


Music for Relaxation  


Music has long been considered one of the most effective and universal communication tools for human beings, with her long devotion as a wellness specialist and as a music lover, our instructor Cynthia is going to lead us in this breathing journey with appreciation of relaxing music which may help bringing forward higher awareness of self care for better creativity and sense of focus.


With simple body movement, this session foster a good space for participants to share time, fun and feelings in the most harmonious way.


Inner communication determines the quality of our communication with the outer world.   Compassion starts from within.  

Meditation is proven as an effective way for improving :

  • Insomnia

  • Physical pain like shoulder and back pain

  • Digestion Problem

  • Tension and Anxiety

Workshop 2


Colors Our Own Happiness


In this session, our wellness architect Cynthia is going to take you through an artistic exploration on Mandala drawing with enjoyment of music which helps to create better state of calmness, internal peace and active self communication.   


A very stimulating process for everyone who has even little experience in arts and drawing.  Come and paint our own happiness of 2022 with flying colors.


During the session, instructor will also lead a simple breathing exercise to tap into our own body rhythms with light and easy movements for building personal connection.


Come share the joy of synchronization in group drawing. 

Workshop 3


Talking with our Emotions in Rhythms


Understanding our body-mind connection by listening to our own bodies is our human instinct.


In this session, our wellness architect is going to lead us applying our neuro system to compose “Visual”, ”Auditory” and “Kinesthetic” senses to create optimal state for excellence through simple communication for restoring healthy rhythms.


Communicating our physical wellness on emotional level, responding to the signals given by our bodies and building confidence from within, is proven an effective tool for better self care, achieving mental and spiritual wellness.  Breathing exercises will be introduced as well.


A fun and joyful session that you may create with your colleague.  

Workshop 4

Communicating with Plants for Wellness 

With esthetic approach on picking and selecting plants on the spot, this session is to share the secrets of communicating with plants while we communicate with ourselves. 

Every individual is a system with unique human qualities and so is plants.  Not until each system is in wellness state, achieving physical, emotional and spiritual healthiness, would one be really able to enjoy full alignment that leads to greater success and harmony.

A highly experiential experience for busy working class to create new esthetic perception for building and greening our hearts, our workplaces and homes.


Outcomes :


After a series of processes, participants will be more alive with positive new beliefs and motivations.  Each individual will be more aware of his or her own wellness needs, leading to better direction and motivations for achieving better self care and wholistic wellness.


With the possible transformation with the body movement and aesthetic exercises, participants will be more confident and creative to express themselves and be confident in handling emotions and communications. 


In the long run, with continuous practices, rebuilding a better self-relationship and to make better connections and communication with others in life with greater ease may become more achievable.  The awareness of self care and self compassion will be cultivated throughout the process.



Training Format :


Each workshop may comprise of teaching, exercises, games, sharing and demonstration.  The trainings are very experimental based and we encourage participants’ active participation for building family bonding and better communication.   Music and artistic activities will be greatly applied to foster training.  


All sessions will take 75 mins to 90 mins. 

on further
collaboration, we would like to hear your thoughts, please feel free to leave us a message. 

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