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Personal Coaching

Coaching in Corporates

With coaching, we help you to restore balance, vitality and clarity in different life aspects for achieving greater happiness and health.


Private Session 75  mins

followed by one 15 mins tele coaching 

Personal Coaching for Excellence
Coaching for greater effectiveness

Mindfulness becomes the most uptrend topic on achieving personal and corporate excellence.  We offer sophisticated Mindfulness trainings with topics in work, health, leisure and life style. 

Mindfulness in Corporates
Coaching for better collaboration

Communication is the most important element for being successful.  With the application of NLP ( Neuro-linguistic Programming ) , we offer trainings on achieving effective communication for better Team Building, greater Clarity, Motivation and State Management in life and work.

Communication Awareness
Energy Healing and Transformation

Energy Healing regulates and transforms the energy circuits in the physical or emotional levels of our bodies to retrieve balance and harmony for our body’s innate healing mechanisms. We offer Energy Healing on :  


Feldenkrais Treatment 

Access Bars Treatment

​​Private Session 90 mins 

followed by two 15 mins tele coaching 

Energy Healing
Group Coaching for Greater Outcome

We provide a wide variety of professional workshops with an advanced team of Affiliates, ranging from Leadership and Management, Aromatherapy, Image Consultation, Photography, Aesthetics and DIY Creativity for helping clients to achieve wholistic wellness and life style with inspirations.

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