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About Wellsky


Since 2002 , we thrive to provide professional services on coaching and training to individuals and corporates, with a mission to help them with consultation on achieving wholistic health, wellness in body, mind and spirit. 



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Our Mission

We bring in Professional, Effective and Profound consultancy services for achieving excellence in Wellness.




What is Coaching?

Coaching is considered one of the most significant resources for human development in the 21 st century.  During the process, clients are guided to stay in a meta position with different perspectives, turning problems into positive solution,  transforming stuck energy to motivation, which ultimately bring us back to the balanced state with greater creativity.   This is of great importance for us to deal personal management issues on family, career, relationships, parenting, health and finding life direction.



「啟導」(Coaching) 是廿一世紀其中一項最備受重視的人類發展項目,在過程中,啟導教練會引領當事人用不同的角度去了解現在處境,啟動新的資源和力量解決問題,協助當事人在客觀冷靜的情況下,將問題轉化為正向能量和動力,平衡身心狀態、發揮創意,達至更有效的個人管理,從而在家庭、事業、愛情、教導子女、健康管理等各方面認清新目標,步向更健康愉快的人生,整合心靈力量,從新啟航。

Why Coaching ?

Our mind are divided into two parts -- Our conscious and subconscious mind.  Conscious mind only comprises 10% of our brain capacity while the subconscious takes the other 90%.   In general, our conscious mind takes charge of our logical and rational thinking, analyzing and handling information while our subconscious is a reserve for our memories, coordinating various functions in our bodies and also to govern our emotions and habitual practices.  It is also a source of our intuition, creativity and imagination. 

In our daily life, we are overly relying on our conscious mind and very seldom to communicate with our subconscious.  Through coaching, we are guided to enter the “Alpha State”, a physical state that the brain waves movement is at 8 to 12Hz.  Under this state, we are in a tranquil and relaxing mood that we are not that influenced by the dominant rational mind, but to be able to truly communicate with our inner world, reconnecting our authentic feelings, and to tap into our true innate wisdom.


為什麼我們要接受啟導 ?

人類身心的運作大致上可分意識和潛意識兩部分,意識僅佔我們大腦10%的潛能,而潛意識則佔我們大腦 90%的潛能。一般而言,意識掌管了一切理性思考、邏輯分析、資料處理等,而潛意識的工作主要是負責儲存記憶、控制身體各機能的運作、掌管我們的情緒、習慣,也是我們的直覺、創意和想像力的泉源。


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