Cultivate Mindfulness in Work & Life 

Tapping into Women’s Innate Wisdom


In time of complex changes and challenges, a new paradigm of personal transformation and leadership advancement is expected that requires one to be more exuberant, creative, compassionate and all rounded. This half-day workshop intends to let participants carry out a closer self-discovery, embrace all the untouched qualities for higher communication awareness, sensitivity, expression power and be more congruent to align their personal, professional and spiritual developments.

The workshop covers the followings:


​Women’s body, Women’s wisdom, practising active listening for Wellness

Visualisation for better state of confidence and motivation

Building New Positive Beliefs to support the Best of Me

Aligning personal and professional goals for greater happiness and success

Keys for sustaining better self-enrichments for learning and growth


Duration: Half Day

Trainer: Ms. Cynthia Poon











創造新的正面信念,支持最優秀的自己 。




工作坊: 半天

導師 : 潘子淇小姐


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