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Cultivate Mindfulness in Work & Life 

Creating a Wellness Meet Up Corner in Workplace


Achieving Work Life Alignment and Wholistic Wellness has become a new practice in the corporate world.  As we spend more than one third of our time every day in workplace, how we create a better environment for energy management is of vital importance, keeping a good balance in life will ultimately help to achieve better performance and motivation at work.   This half day workshop intends to enhance participant’ self awareness on achieving Holistic Wellness and to introduce them some ideas on setting up a Wellness corner at workplace for sustainable healthy  practice at work, sharing and support, in the long run to enhance corporate image.


What is a Wellness Meet Up Corner and how to cultivate colleague’s awareness for joining in ?

Using Aroma Scenes, Music or Planting Greens for energizing the workplace.

Practicing Breathing Exercise for Mindfulness.  


Organizing creativity work and DIY activities for leisure.


Embracing a green diet as an option for enhancing better health.


Extending this to include colleague’s family so as to enhance better sense of belongingness and support at work.


Duration:  Half Day

Trainer: Ms. Cynthia Poon


在企業推動整全健康的趨勢近年蔚然成風。員工每天留在辦公室的時間動輒超過三分一,如何為他們提供一個穩定、高能量而又平衡的工作環境,對提升同事的工作效率和表現至為重要,長遠也對他們的身心健康有很大的影響 。

這個工作坊旨在提升員工對整全健康的了解和認識,並向大家介紹簡易辦法,設立身心健康加油站 , 讓員工透過參與得到身心放鬆的機會,大家可以彼此加力、支持和分享。





如何組織相關的創意消閒活動 ? 讓同事在工作以外得到情感上的支持,加強團隊一致性和默契




工作坊: 半天

導師 : 潘子淇小姐

Directing your own life with Better Balance and Joy

We all have many roles to play as a leader, this is of vital importance that we are able to set priorities and stay balanced to perform different roles. This half-day workshop intends to enhance participants’ self-awareness on personal wellness, mainly along different life aspects on, both physical and emotional health, family, career, and interpersonal relationship management, so as to embrace our personal well-being and professional enrichments in the long run for achieving wholistic intelligence in leadership. This workshop is about:


Working out a balanced Wheel of Life

Power of Self Talk in creating the best script in life

Modelling and creating your own Circle of Excellence

Writing a love letter to welcome the future You

Cultivating feminine supportive energies in workplace


Duration: Half Day

Trainer: Ms. Cynthia Poon

成為生命導演  創造平衡與喜樂









工作坊: 半天


導師 : 潘子淇小姐

Tapping into Women’s Innate Wisdom


In time of complex changes and challenges, a new paradigm of personal transformation and leadership advancement is expected that requires one to be more exuberant, creative, compassionate and all rounded. This half-day workshop intends to let participants carry out a closer self-discovery, embrace all the untouched qualities for higher communication awareness, sensitivity, expression power and be more congruent to align their personal, professional and spiritual developments.

The workshop covers the followings:


​Women’s body, Women’s wisdom, practising active listening for Wellness

Visualisation for better state of confidence and motivation

Building New Positive Beliefs to support the Best of Me

Aligning personal and professional goals for greater happiness and success

Keys for sustaining better self-enrichments for learning and growth


Duration: Half Day

Trainer: Ms. Cynthia Poon











創造新的正面信念,支持最優秀的自己 。




工作坊: 半天

導師 : 潘子淇小姐


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